Menstrual cycle will go on for about half the life time for women at least 2,000 to 3,000 days. According to Chinese medicine, some women may feel weaker during menstrual period. Therefore, their health could be greatly affected if there are no appropriate protections taken during this time.

Surveys have shown that 73% of women experience itchiness and pain during menstruation. These are mostly caused by the use of un-breathable sanitary napkins. Therefore, it is crucial to know that a proper sanitary napkin is made up of three layers: surface layer, middle layer and base layer.


First Layer:
Surface layer should be a cotton net surface with fast absorption.

Second layer:
Middle layer should be air permeable with effective absorption agents. Sanitary napkins with effective absorption agents can turn the absorbed liquid into jelly-like state, to avoid backflow and sticky feeling.

Third layer:
Base layer should be made out of air permeable materials as this would greatly reduce the heat between sanitary napkins and the body to create a dry and refreshing feeling.

Common mistakes:

  1. Not washing hands clean before handling a new sanitary napkin. The hands may bring bacteria onto the sanitary napkin in the process of putting on a sanitary napkin.
  2. Keeping sanitary napkin in a humid space. Humidity can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and contaminate sanitary napkins.
  3. Neglecting the expiry date. The quality of the sanitary napkin deteriorates as it gets closer to the expiry date.
  4. Purchasing sanitary napkin on promotion. Promotional or gift items are mostly slow moving goods which may have involved raw materials of poorer quality and longer storage periods.
  5. Using sanitary napkins with medication or fragrance. Such products are not recommended because the medication and fragrance may cause undesirable effects to the body.
  6. Using sanitary napkins for longer than recommended. It is best to change sanitary napkin every two hours or it will lead to bacteria growth.